Tenor Instructors

  • Taylor Page

    Taylor Page is a professionally-ranked tenor drummer and instructor based in Hamilton, Ontario. Playing as a Professional in Ontario since 2012, Taylor joined the midsection of the 78th Fraser Highlanders for the 2013 season and continues to play in their corps, led by Drew Duthart, Matt Bellia and Johnny Rowe. Beginning in 2006, Taylor has played for several bands in the Hamilton area. She started out with the Grade 5 Dundas Pipes and Drums, and then moved to the Grade 3 Paris/Port Dover Pipe Band for the 2012 season under the instruction of Kate Dudek. Taylor has a strong foundation in military drumming as well, having played for five years as a civilian-contracted member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louiseā€™s), an infantry regiment based out of Hamilton.

    As a solo player, Taylor has achieved many titles, including the 2012 Professional Champion Supreme award for tenor drumming in Ontario in her first year as a professional. She is a two-time invitee to the Agnew-Harrison Drumming Invitational, and has the honour for playing for many military and civilian dignitaries at various functions over the years, including the House of Parliament in Ottawa in 2013.

    Prior to drumming, Taylor was a highland dancer who competed and danced in performance companies regularly at the highest level of competition across Canada and the United States. Her previous experiences in highland dancing has led to the use of a methodical teaching technique in tenor drumming that is based on her experience coaching competitive dancers. She teaches individuals and groups on a weekly basis in the Greater Hamilton and Toronto Area, and is in the process of developing an online learning system for new and advanced tenor drummers alike.

  • Ryan Robertson
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