Piping Schedule

Piping Class Descriptions as Required

Session 1

C. Ken Eller

The band workshop will be available on a first come first served basis. Pipers will spend the first session working with Ken on the music provided by the band. Any concerns that need work can be communicated to Ken before the workshop. Blowing and Pressure, technique and tune expression are just a few topics that will be covered during this session. During the second half of this two session offering, the drummers will join the pipers for a whole band workshop with Ken. Pipers and drummers will have the opportunity to choose other sessions to attend during the day when not involved in the band workshop.

D. Michael Grey: It’s all About Me:

Learn a brand new original tune written by me that no one else in the world has ever heard but me.

Session 2

D. Michael Grey: Technique 911 “A Call for Help”:

Effective practical approaches for getting your mitts in better shape along with practice approaches that include do’s and don’ts and maybes – stat!

Session 3

B. Bob Worrall: Construction the Mini MSR:

A practical session to help bands select melodic, playable and unique tunes for the mini MSR event Bring your chanters. Most applicable for players in grade 4 and 5 bands.

C. Ken Eller: Improving Fundamental Technique:

A practical workshop to enhance technical and rhythmic playing – those things not contained in tutor books.

D. Michael Grey: Everybody Dance Now:

A look at the core dance music of the Great Highland Bagpipe. (strathspeys, reels, jigs and hornpipes) the tunes and a little of the dances they bring to life. New tunes will be covered off. Dancing shoes not required.

Session 4

B. Bob Worrall: Steady Tone:

Bagpipe set up and steady blowing strategies. Bring your pipes. Most applicable for beginner and intermediate pipers.

C. Ken Eller: Memorization Techniques:

A short structured course to develop skills for better recognition and retention of music.

D. Michael Grey: Canntaireachd Rolling R’s and Stretching O’s:

An intro to the ancient Scottish Highland method of notating classical pipe music or Ceol Mor (big music) by a combination of definite syllables and sounds, an approach that enables tunes to be more easily recollected by the learner (you) and more easily transmitted orally – or taught (me)! Learn new tunes in this session (big and little music)

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